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So that you Eco fans can get started on optimizing your game, I have decided to make the Alpha version of the Assistant program live for you. Please realize this is an ALPHA version, and while it is expected to be stable there may be some bugs and missing features. The next Alpha version will support Tycoons, with Techs being added in the version to follow that. Finally, Supply & Calculator will be enabled when that data becomes available.

Version 0.1.0 Features
  • Production Chains
    • Eco Production Chains (Complete)
    • Tycoon Production Chains (Disabled - Incomplete)
    • Tech Production Chains (Disabled - Incomplete)
  • Supply (Disabled - Incomplete)
  • Calculator (Disabled - Incomplete)
  • Building Layouts
    • Eco Building Layouts (Complete)
    • Tycoon Building Layouts (Disabled - Incomplete)
    • Tech Building Layouts (Disabled - Incomplete)
  • Credits (Complete)

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